18 Mar

Why can’t people see what is going on???????????? Hiltler had the population believing that he was helping them and if they just get on the train, they will be taken to safety. Our current mother fucking cock sucker is bypassing everyone and secretly passing Executive Orders. The media is blasting the air waves with mindless shit like where is Payton going to play (who gives a shit), 6 month anniversary of The Occupy Movement and the rest of the mind rot they air. IT IS A PLANNED DISTRACTION. The worlds riches families run the Government. Not the Kenyan, Hawaiian, Irish and soon to be Mexican that the majority voted into office. He is a puppet for the REAL leaders. NEWS FLASH……… There will not be an election in 2012. He will declare Marshal Law and when he does the election process will be stopped. Page 1001 of his Heath Care bill states that starting in 2013 all US Citizens MUST be microchipped. Get your head out of your ass. He WILL either be re-elected or will declare Marshal Law. He isn’t going to go away. He is Satan and will burn you and this country down.

If this isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.

I have a VERY GOOD friend of mine that just retired from the US Coast Guard. He told me that the plan is in effect. His Commanding Officer has been told and is ready to take over as Mayor if most of the Gulf Coast region. He is fully aware of the plan and has said the Order is in place. The only thing left is for the Commander In Chief to sign the order. The military has the command in place and they are fully aware of what is coming.

There are thousands of like-minded people in blog land and now a huge number of otherwise quiet folks that are coming out. The one thing that everyone is now saying is that we are fucked.

Everyone is aware of the FEMA camps and FEMA coffins that have popped up in this Country. Texas has 5 camps that are known. FEMA coffins….. I contacted the company that sells the to the Dept of Homeland Security. They told me that I could contact my local funeral home to purchase one but that I should know that because of the number of coffins that DHS ordered that there was a long delivery time. They also told me that they were too big to be used as a “coffin liner”.

Seems to me they would be perfect for mass burial. Old Military Bases and un used farm land are being converting to FEMA camps. They are retro fitting these locations with barbed wire fences (barbs facing in) turn stiles, colored pathways and incinerators. Are the incinerators just for trash????? Were the trains that Hitler had used to get people to safety???? Were the incinerators and heavy equipment he had used to get rid of trash???? Can we see a trend? It is public knowledge the world population needs to be reduced to 500 million. Why that number??? It is number that can be controlled. People like Bill Gates are in favor of population control. They are using methods as such as chem trails, modified seeds, modified medication etc. The elderly that worked their entire life so they would be able to collect Social Security (entitlement) are now fucked. They serve no purpose to the Government. They wait longer to get medical care than any other age group.

Please read the latest Executive Order and pay attention to what it says.  Not one word in it is in favor of the public. Pleas do any and all you can to prepare yourself and family for a COMPLETE Government take over this year. It is simple. If you do not have plan and are not prepared to best of your ability……………. You are already dead.



  1. Craig Cavanaugh March 19, 2012 at 12:39 am #

    “Sparklies” are everywhere, to turn our attention from the things you mentioned. Interesting, that about your CG friend. But not surprising. Hold your PATCOM, and build your tribe. It’s the only chance we have …

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