18 Mar

Why can’t people see what is going on???????????? Hiltler had the population believing that he was helping them and if they just get on the train, they will be taken to safety. Our current mother fucking cock sucker is bypassing everyone and secretly passing Executive Orders. The media is blasting the air waves with mindless shit like where is Payton going to play (who gives a shit), 6 month anniversary of The Occupy Movement and the rest of the mind rot they air. IT IS A PLANNED DISTRACTION. The worlds riches families run the Government. Not the Kenyan, Hawaiian, Irish and soon to be Mexican that the majority voted into office. He is a puppet for the REAL leaders. NEWS FLASH……… There will not be an election in 2012. He will declare Marshal Law and when he does the election process will be stopped. Page 1001 of his Heath Care bill states that starting in 2013 all US Citizens MUST be microchipped. Get your head out of your ass. He WILL either be re-elected or will declare Marshal Law. He isn’t going to go away. He is Satan and will burn you and this country down.

If this isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.

I have a VERY GOOD friend of mine that just retired from the US Coast Guard. He told me that the plan is in effect. His Commanding Officer has been told and is ready to take over as Mayor if most of the Gulf Coast region. He is fully aware of the plan and has said the Order is in place. The only thing left is for the Commander In Chief to sign the order. The military has the command in place and they are fully aware of what is coming.

There are thousands of like-minded people in blog land and now a huge number of otherwise quiet folks that are coming out. The one thing that everyone is now saying is that we are fucked.

Everyone is aware of the FEMA camps and FEMA coffins that have popped up in this Country. Texas has 5 camps that are known. FEMA coffins….. I contacted the company that sells the to the Dept of Homeland Security. They told me that I could contact my local funeral home to purchase one but that I should know that because of the number of coffins that DHS ordered that there was a long delivery time. They also told me that they were too big to be used as a “coffin liner”.

Seems to me they would be perfect for mass burial. Old Military Bases and un used farm land are being converting to FEMA camps. They are retro fitting these locations with barbed wire fences (barbs facing in) turn stiles, colored pathways and incinerators. Are the incinerators just for trash????? Were the trains that Hitler had used to get people to safety???? Were the incinerators and heavy equipment he had used to get rid of trash???? Can we see a trend? It is public knowledge the world population needs to be reduced to 500 million. Why that number??? It is number that can be controlled. People like Bill Gates are in favor of population control. They are using methods as such as chem trails, modified seeds, modified medication etc. The elderly that worked their entire life so they would be able to collect Social Security (entitlement) are now fucked. They serve no purpose to the Government. They wait longer to get medical care than any other age group.

Please read the latest Executive Order and pay attention to what it says.  Not one word in it is in favor of the public. Pleas do any and all you can to prepare yourself and family for a COMPLETE Government take over this year. It is simple. If you do not have plan and are not prepared to best of your ability……………. You are already dead.


Todays News:

17 Mar

Famous Americans with Irish background:

Billy the Kid, Sean Hannity, Walt Disney, Barack Obama, Harrison Ford, Bill Murry and Ronald Reagan. Now I know ther are millions of others in America that are of Irish descent. I want you to read the short list over and over until your eyes water and bleed. There seems to be one person on the list that claims to be whatever is popular at the time. Can you pick out the name?????????? Dont Re-Nig in 2012

The follwing is a very sensitive subject: Last year the Pope publicly came out in favor of one World Bank. Why is he so concerned with the financial sector?? The latest news today is that he commisioned his own private cologne, wears red leather shoes made by a private shoe maker, and personally designs his custom robes. OK, do you see a problem with any of that????? I know the Bible teaches use to put others in front of yourself. He is concerned more about his self image and cash (PIMP) than the little boys that are getting ass raped by his priests.

Also today in the news the brown bed bug seeks to halt the tax subsidies for the oil industry. They receive 4 billion in subsidies. Keep in mind that he sought $800 billion stimulus spending to promoted energy  companies that went bankrupt.


Congressional benefits —- free healthcare, outrageous retirement  packages, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick  days, now that’s welfare, and they have the nerve to call my social  security retirement entitlement. We’re “broke” and can’t help our own Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless. In the last  months we have provided aid to Haiti , Chile , and Turkey . And now Pakistan ……home of bin Laden. Literally, BILLIONS of  DOLLARS!!! Our retired  seniors living on a ‘fixed income’ receive no aid nor do they get any  breaks while our government and religious organizations pour Hundreds of Billions of $$$$$$’s and Tons of Food to Foreign  Countries! They call  Social Security and Medicare an entitlement even though most of us have been paying for it all our working lives and now when its time for us to  collect, the government is running out of money.


Elector Retards

14 Mar

What happened to Bill?


13 Mar

Let me start out by saying that I dont give a fat babies ass if I hurt your feelings or not and my blog will never be for personal gain. Some people get their feelings hurt and no longer want to communicate.

I have been told by friends and family that because of the the prepping that me and lovely wife have either completed or have planned that we are crazy and we have lost are fucking mind. This is a serious subject and one that has lost us friends. A close family member has actually told me that she WILL NOT prep for anything and she has gone so far as to tell me that her plan is let the hungry and lost people into her house to show them that she doesnt have anything for them and then they will leave. WHAT THE FUCK? She will be among the millions of casulties. After 2 or 3 days these cock suckers will rape and pillage.

I did manage to retrieve ALL 48 of my weapons and all 200,000 plus rounds of ammo. It is very simple…..If any of these cock suckers come on my property they will die. Is that clear enough?????? I will do any and all to protect my friends, family and property. You fuck with me during peace time. I promise I will fuck with you during war time.People are scared to come out with their true feelings because they believe that they will be be a target of the IRS or whoever. Stand the fuck up and let these people know that we are tired of this shit and we own this country.

We were in line behind a gentleman at a local store. He was talking to the stupid ass clerk and the clerk told him that he should invest in gold and silver to barter with. He had the balls to put his weapon on the counter and told the clerk that his lead will take any gold or silver he may need.

The shit will without a doubt hit the fan when HE is elected to a second term. Look at all the executive orders being put into law. He doesnt give a shit. If Congress doesnt like his idea he just bypasses them and signs it into law.

The last quater of 2011 we had several military personnel come in and try to sell their guns. What was the reason?????????? Are you ready for this??????????? The military didnt get paid that month. I am will willing to bet that the porch monkeys got a check that month.

HE said in a recorded TV interview that if HE wasnt re elected, he would cease all government services. that sounds like Marshal Law to me. I have always said that I believe out downfall will be either economic or government. Sounds like it will be the latter.

Get a helmet my friends.

Continuing Education

7 Mar

Due to the current state of this fine country and the worries and concerns of all the like minded people that have been asking me for additional training, we have decided to add staff members and expand our training options. All new training will be conducted by a retired US Coast Guard Instructor, Border Patrol Agent, Current Law Enforcement Officer and NRA Instructor. We will offer everything from basic to advanced training. We have multiple locations to conduct training.

List of upcoming training:

Basic Handgun

Basic Rifle

Concealed Handgun

Advanced Pistol

Advanced Rifle

House Clearing

Basic CPR and First Aid

Field Medic

Survival Skills (3 day)

Water Survival

We are now commited to being a one stop source for training and supplies. We can also help with BOB contents, First Aid Kit contents or complete units.

The tactics and recommendations taught in the above courses are for educational puproses only (my lawyer said to say that).


6 Feb

Sorry for my absence, but let me tell you what I was doing. I decided to take some time off and go for a walk. While I was gone I met the owner of a jai alai team. He was a really nice man. After our meeting I was drafted in 199th round. During the first minute of the first game I was in, tragedy struck. I stumped my big toe on my left foot (it really hurt) and was sidelined. Somehow during all of this, I managed to lose all my guns and ammo. So as of right now I do not have a way to defend myself or my family. But at the end I DID get my fuckin Grape Snowcone.

Today, my wife and I had to attend Mediation. Last year we bought a car that the dealership misrepresented. You know the sticker on used cars that says “AS IS”? As Is does mean As Is unless the asshole that is selling it doesnt reveal all the problems the car has. The bank released us of any and all financial responsibility with the car. The only issue now, was getting our down payment money back. After numerous attempts by us to try to settle this as civilized people, we were forced to get the legal system involved. In a good faith effort to try to keep this out of the courts, which are way to bogged down dealing with the real law breakers, we decided to take it to the Dispute Resolution Center of Harris County. During this 1 1/2 hour meeting, both sides were given as much time as needed to tell their side of the story. We did come out victorious. So, my brothers. You may be asking your self, what the fuck does this have to do with our fight??????? And you would be wrong in questioning your self. Here is how it is important.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. It didnt have shit to do with the money. It was all principle. We know what is right and what is wrong. If all of us that know the diffence would stand up and fight to the end for what is right, we would win. We must all be prepared to take our fight however far we have to to prove we are right. We cannot continue to be fucked over without standing up and declaring our ass hurts and we are not going to take it anymore. A very small group of people (us) are willing to do this. We simply cannot do it alone. I only had very small part in Bill’s PATCOM. I am here to say that I am very proud of all the people that are planning a PATCOM in their area. Bill’s gathering was the spark. The fire has been started and we cannot let in go out. We must recruit as many trustworthy folks as we can to join our efforts. I have talked to many people that say they have the same feelings as we do. But, after talking more with them, I have determined they are fucktards. We have to be careful who with pick to stand with us.

Moral of the story is this. If you are right and you know it, dont bow down (sheeple) to anyone. Right is right and right will always win.

Bill – Thank you for having the balls to strike the match.

Craig – Thank you for not wasting anytime planning PATCOM Coastal. I cant wait to meet up with you again.

And thanks to all the fine folks in Texas and other states, that are planning their own PATCOM.



26 Jan

I am close to releasing the details of PATCOM Katy. I have the same issue as Craig. I have no problem hosting at my house, but due to the close proximity of my neighbors (10 feet on each side) parking and late night gathering may be an issue. So, It would be great if I could get a initial number of attendees. Even if just one person shows up, the fire will have remained lit. If the number is larger than I can handle at my house, I will go to plan B and find another location. I dont want to let what Bill started fade away. We must come together and gain momentum.